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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Tis the Season: Christmas Trees and Your Carson Rental Property

Carson Resident Hanging an Ornament on the Christmas TreeThe Christmas season is the time of the year that gets families united with social gatherings, beautiful gifts, and twinkling lights. For many, seasonal decorations basically are not complete when it’s lacking a divine Christmas tree, complete with lights and ornaments. Carson rental property owners know that their tenants are no different and that a Christmas tree could be a core feature in their holiday celebrations.

Although decorations are not steadily a burden, Christmas trees are exclusive because of their extremely flammable nature. When blended with electrical sparks or overheating cords, a dry Christmas tree can turn into a roaring house fire in less than a minute. As per the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), home fires started by Christmas trees average 200 per year. Every year, these fires cause an average of $14.8 million in property damage, 16 injuries, and 6 deaths.

As the property owner, it is pivotal to convey basic fire safety tips to your renters before the holiday season enters. While prohibiting Christmas trees, in general, is most likely not a choice, there are unquestionably unpretentious things your tenants can prepare to safeguard themselves and your rental household from the risk of fire.

The American Christmas Tree Association (ACTA) provides a few safety precautions that could notably diminish the hazard of your tree catching fire. These precautions include:

  • Make sure to buy a fresh (real) tree or an artificial tree. Fresh trees are more okay for their inherent fire resistance. Artificial trees are also more harmless than real trees are because of the fact that they don’t dry out in the long run.
  • Water your fresh tree consistently. Fresh trees must be watered regularly and removed immediately after the holiday or as soon as the needles begin to drop.
  • Rest your tree away from heat sources and open flames, similar to fireplaces, candles and heat vents.
  • Make use of safety-tested lights and throw out any damaged light sets.
  • Make sure to turn off the Christmas tree lights before going to bed or leaving your home. Leaving the lights on all night or while away increases your risk of fire.
  • Always have a brand-new fire extinguisher accessible as a precaution just in case that sparks or flames do appear.

Getting these facts about Christmas tree safety tips communicated to your tenants in Carson can cover your rental homes against the hazards and help everyone adore a safe and peaceful holiday. With Real Property Management Long Beach guiding you, we can swear that these safety precautions are pass on to your renters and that all holiday decorations meet basic safety guidelines. For more information about our full-service property management services, please contact us online or call us at 562-270-1777.