Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

San Pedro, CA Property Management Services

Maintaining a rental property requires constant investment of time and attention. A single property alone needs consistent upkeep and tenant affairs from a lone property owner. Real Property Management has years of experience managing properties in the San Pedro area, making us a fitting partner to carry the work load. Our skilled team is prepared to handle all of your property management work, whether you have a small condo or an extensive portfolio of rental properties across California. With our team behind the wheel, you can a return on investment from your rental without the hassle.

We Work With Renters

It can be difficult to locate trustworthy tenants in a pinch in San Pedro. Real Property Management spreads the word by putting your property on frequently used rental search sites to get the most dependable renters nearby. Each tenant who signs up for your space undergoes an in-depth credit, criminal, rental and employment history screening. Our careful work generates some of the top retention rates for renters and property owners in the property management industry.

Real Property Management can help manage renters in your home.

We Handle Payments

Property owners and renters can both benefit from our resources. Our streamlined property management software allows tenants in San Pedro, CA submit applications, pay rent each month and request maintenance online. By making bills easier to pay, property owners get dependable documentation and rent payments each month. This program also comes with 24/7 access and a 24-hour renter emergency hotline. With Real Property Management, making a return on investment in San Pedro is easier than ever.

We Perform Property Maintenance

Even if you don’t live in San Pedro, Real Property Management will take care of any spaces you have in the area. For example, preparation and remodels are part of our full service plans. As soon as your space has tenants, we handle regular evaluations indoors and out. In the event that problems arise, our team of local contractors will tackle any repairs needed.

We Have Honest Practices

Real Property Management revolves around quality management and transparent policies. Our San Pedro property management service handles all the work of rentals so you can enjoy the profits. We offer a transparent fee schedule for each level of service for investors of all sizes.

We Deliver Profit

Maintaining real estate in the San Pedro area can be stressful, but our property management services eliminate the hassle while making income for you. Picture the advantages of profiting off your property without the stress of advertising, finding tenants, collecting bills, providing maintenance and handling collections. Discover how we can assist you and your San Pedro property today with a free rent analysis.

Get A Free Rent Analysis

With over half a century total experience in real estate, Real Property Management has gained a quality reputation in the real estate and property management industries. We are expertly trained in best property management practices. You can rest assured we are prepared to take on any problems that could arise when handling managing property. Talk to us for a free rent analysis.