Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

About Real Property Management Long Beach

Hi I’m Miles Williams, the owner of Real Property Management in Long Beach. My Team and I have lived, worked, and are alumni of Cal State Long Beach. We love the Long Beach area and we are familiar with the South Bay area, and the neighborhoods within the Long Beach area.

Real Property Management Long Beach, serves Long Beach, Lakewood, Carson, Cerritos, San Pedro, Palos Verdes, Compton, Lomita, and Wilmington. We also serve the beautiful Long Beach neighborhoods of Belmont Shore, Los Altos, Park Estates, Marina Estates, Naples, Signal Hill, Wrigley, Bixby Knolls, Bixby Hill, and more.

We know Long Beach.

Since my team and I are familiar with the South Bay and Long Beach Area, we strive to make Real Property Management Long Beach the experts on the area. Our offices are in Long Beach as well so we can drive to your property or meet with tenants if any issues come up. We honed in on the latest market trends for rentals in your neighborhood. From our immense experience, cutting edge management software and involvement in the Long Beach rental market, we will be able to advise you on how to rent your home quickly and how to find a quality tenant.

I became the owner of Real Property Management franchise in Long Beach because RPM is the trusted leader in single-family and small multi-family residences. With over 25 years of nationwide experience and 250 plus offices throughout North America, local expertise and a highly-trained responsive team, Real Property Management manages tens of thousands of properties for individuals, investors and institutions throughout the country.

We are full-time property managers.

Unlike many property management companies, we don’t do any real estate sales. That’s right, we are full-time property managers! This allows us to focus 100% on managing our client’s biggest investment, their property. If you are seeking real estate sales services, we have several qualified agents in Long Beach and South Bay that we would love to recommend to you.

There are a ton of benefits to having someone manage your single family home or your multi-unit complex. If you want to see what we provide to our clients and what makes us different, click here.

If you’re ready to receive a free assessment of your property, contact us here.

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